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Colombia Children by Merritt Johnson

Doctor. Teacher. Police officer. Nurse.


Last year, when the kids in Berrugas, Colombia were asked what they wanted to be when they grow up, this is what they answered. For a small, impoverished, and forgotten town like Berrugas, the reality is, these dreams are almost unattainable for these kids. Most of them will grow up to be fisherman. If they can’t find a living in that, most will turn to selling drugs or maybe even selling themselves. For a small, impoverished, and forgotten town like Berrugas, that CAN be the reality. But it doesn’t have to be.

The difference between those two realities is you. By giving this month in the December Silver Coin Offering, you are paying for new clothes and shoes, food and school fees for these children. But more than that, you’re investing in a dream. You’re investing in a child. You’re investing in their future. Whatever you choose to give, it’s more than just money in an offering plate. You’re being the tangible hands and feet of Jesus. You’re showing love that extends across borders and oceans. You’re spreading joy that is deeper than new clothes or shoes. You’re spreading joy that is found in our Creator. You’re sending the message to these kids that they are loved. Not just be you all, but by the King of kings. Church family, this December, you have the power to be the difference in two very different realities for the kids of Berrugas, Colombia. Will you make that choice?

-Merritt Johnson




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