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I Therefore Resolve…By Pastor Tim Johnson

I Therefore Resolve . . . By Pastor Tim Johnson


One hundred years ago, on Dec. 31, 1919, the owner of Forbes Magazine wrote an

article suggesting 57 life-changing resolutions that his readers could make for the new year.

With the tagline of “I Therefore Resolve . . .,” here is a sampling:

-To adhere, the best I can, to the Golden Rule, both in business and in social life.

-To take sharp-edged disappointments and hammer them into spurs.

-To commend more and condemn less.

-To look up at the heavens oftener.

-To realize how little I really deserve and how much I really have.

-To develop the fighting instinct so that no can ever call me a quitter.

-To address myself carefully, prayerfully to remedying defects.

-To keep in mind the ultimate goal of all good citizenship, the ushering in of the Kingdom

of God and the Brotherhood of Man on earth.

-To make simplicity as much a part of myself that I shall become as a child, as one of

those whom The Master declared, “For of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.”

Don’t you love the purity of these resolutions to usher in the “Roaring 20s?”

I don’t know if it’s your habit to start a new year with such promises, but if so, let me

suggest just one . . .

-To be used by the Holy Spirit to help someone come to know Jesus Christ.

Call it a New Year’s resolution, the top of your bucket list, or Job 1 for the Kingdom, but we would be in good company since Jesus made His top priority clear in Luke 19:10:

 “For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost.”

Be blessed . . . and be resolved . . . in 2020!



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