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Mercy Street

218176Mercy Street is Thursdays from 6:20 to 7:30 p.m. and includes a free meal, live music, and an encouraging word!

After Mercy Street, join us for …
Thursdays from 7:30 to 8:30 p.m.

It is a 12-step, Christ-centered program focused on getting rid of life-controlling problems, and is accepted by the Harrison County Probation Office. Our mission is to create a safe environment, where we start to trust and experience the grace of God. We look to the Word of God to help us with just fill in the blank…. drugs, alcohol, anger, gambling, co-dependency, etc. Anything that controls your life!

Other Mercy Street worship services include:

  • Monday 6:20 p.m. @ First Baptist, Elizabeth
  • Tuesday 6:20 p.m. @ Emmaus Road, Clarksville
  • Thursday 6:20 p.m. @ Hardinsburg Assembly of God

For more information, contact Bill Walsh at 812-972-0041.


614494The speakers were scheduled to share 10 minutes ago, but they knew better.

The spirit of worship had been building since the start of the service – to the point that some folks couldn’t even finish their meal – and to interrupt would be like stopping the angels from singing around the throne in heaven.

So, they waited. And they saw a glimpse of the divine.

Some stood with hands lifted, trying to touch the fringe of the Holy One. Some were so overwhelmed with God’s presence that they had to go to their knees and bow, using a metal folding chair as their altar. And some had huddled up in prayer near the back, gently weeping as they felt God’s grace and love wash over them.

Welcome to Mercy Street.

Every Thursday night in the Fellowship Hall of Pfrimmer’s Chapel United Methodist Church, God shows up in powerful ways.

Sometimes, it’s through the worship, as described above. Sometimes, it’s through the testimony given by someone who has gone through the fire and has been snatched out by God’s gracious and almighty hand. Sometimes, it’s through the incredible sense of fellowship and oneness that comes from battling life together.
But always, God shows up. And so do His precious people.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the hardest worship services to chart. One night, there will be 45, the next 19, and the next 63. One night, it was 127! But they do come. And it is oh, so sweet.

There are two gentlemen who linger long after the service is over, and you will always find them sharing the highs and lows of their week. One of them said just last week, “Thank you for making a place like this for us. We need it.”

And for many, Mercy Street is a place of safety to escape the demons of the past. A haven of rest from the struggles of the present. And a refuge of hope from the fears of the future.

For most, Mercy Street represents just that – a road filled with the bumps and potholes of our mistakes and sins, but a road nonetheless where God’s unlimited and unmerited mercy meets us. It’s the intersection where grace and compassion meet.

As we survey the landscape of our culture today, both locally and nationally, it is clear that a ministry such as this is needed more than ever before.

In fact and sadly so, Mercy Street will never go out of business. This mean old world keeps getting meaner by the minute, but the Church of Jesus Christ has the answer.

It can be found on Mercy Street.

(Do you know someone who is struggling with life? Going through a divorce, suffering with depression, battling an addiction? Bring them to Mercy Street. The free meal starts at 6:20 p.m. each Thursday night in the Fellowship Hall. The worship and testimony ends by 7:30 p.m., and folks are then invited to a small group Bible study called Stepping Into Freedom. For more information about our third worship service, contact Bill Walsh at (812) 972-0041. And there are multiple ways to serve this ministry as well, if you’re interested.)

Strong Marriages

For the month of August, Mercy Street will be sharing testimony of the importance of having a marriage built on a strong foundation through Jesus Christ. Granted, the cost to build a strong foundation is expensive, but a weak foundation would cost more. Without proper support, a structure may not be sound and could present […]

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